Life is made up of many things -- broken dreams, diamond rings, tennis teams, University Sings, boys that cling, birds that sing, and many more, or so it seems.  We grew up far too quickly and rode some merry-go-rounds that make us somewhat sickly.  Some joined paper brigades; others watched Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Lemonade was made, games played (special thanks to the makers of band aids), prayers prayed, rules obeyed, and praise the Lord, you passed fifth grade.  A boy asked you for your first date, and Dad made sure he wouldn’t keep you out too late.  “Don’t worry, Dad, we’re just going to ice skate.”  What a dreamboat -- could it be fate?  He did make your heart beat at a rather rapid rate.  Time went by and after much debate, you decided Nate just wasn’t that great.  He couldn’t even name the capital of Kuwait.

About that time you began to ponder lots of questions.  How am I portrayed?  Is my haircut cliche?  To splurge or not to splurge on the fringe-lined jacket made of faux suede?  Holy cow, have I really been alive almost two whole decades?  Where did the days go of finger paints and rollerblades?  Then came the college days -- masquerades, financial aid, internships unpaid, friendships made.  Man, you wish you could have stayed.  But no, life once again took a turn.  After college, you realized how very little you had learned.  The real world threw many situations of which you must discern.  Pretty soon your schedule became quite busy, filled with activities for your precious daughter Lizzy.  Your evenings were filled with onions to be sauteed, cookies to be homemade, and reading ‘neath lit lamp shades.  Sooner or later you’d be learning to crochet, buying hearing aids, and exchanging stories with your spouse about your teenage fear of ending up an old maid.

“Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t look around every once and a while, you just might miss it.” -Ferris Bueller