fanciful facts

I suppose I am about like your average American girl.  I stay away from flag burning, butter churning, and unethically made earnings.  I prefer to spend my days dreaming of bottomless cups of coffee and words of wisdom asserted by Ghandi.  Fairy tales tend to be a reoccurring frontrunner in my mind.  Make-believe stories are my favorite kind.  I cannot go to Barnes and Noble without stopping by children’s section to peruse those precious collections.  Unfortunately, the majority of such stories present the world as a simple reflection of perfection, when, in fact, there is a huge disconnection.

Life is hard and leaves many people scarred.  Challenging as it may be, every individual’s life holds special, special memories -- spelling bees, climbing trees, swimming in seas, drinking green tea, defying the bourgeoisie, changing marquees, earning a degree, marrying a man named McGhee, becoming a retiree, joining the AARP, the list goes on.  The paths one may take in life are numerous.  I hope mine is humorous.  More than that, however, I hope to love others with all my heart and impart upon the world a new work of art.  I don’t mean the kind of art that includes paper and paint but an art of living that brings joy to the weary and faint.

Whatever that may entail, I do not know.  I may not live in a fancy chateau or be on a game show or write as eloquently as Theoreau, but upon every person I meet, I hope to bestow a kind of love that overflows.  Love covers a multitude of things.  It is a better gift than any ring or even a bird that may sing.  If only the world could cohesively choose to make love its standard of living, there would be much more forgiving and much more thanksgiving.

Some of my greatest earthly blessings. :)