Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For the Kittens

While I have categorized this post as for the "kittens," please know that I don't expect you to dictate the following words to your kitty-cats before bed this evening.  But if that's your thing, I mean all the power to you.  I'm all about individuality.  When I say "kittens," I'm more so referring to little kiddies, children, babies, kiddos, whatever you like to call them.  If you've read my blog previously, you have probably received the slightly overwhelming hints that I adore sweet, little kittens (children).  It's just reality, okay?  I can't wait to have kids and write little notes on their napkins and stuff them in their lunch pails.  Maybe it's lame, but hey, I'm not ashamed.

Oh heavens..  Just thinking of some tiny being calling me "Mommy" kind of just freaked me out.  PTL for waiting to have kids for maybe ten years.  Just realized in ten years I'm going to be 30... What the heck?  It's fine.  Age is just a number, and there's always Botox.  Just kidding.

But really, when I think about the day when I have children of my own, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will want the ABSOLUTE best for them.  And despite the fact that I want them to never experience an ounce of pain, they will.  They'll come home from school one day and the school bully Buck will have called them a couple of bad names...  Dumb and Dumber, we'll say.

The little munchkins will come home crying, saying, "Why did he call us Dumb and Dumber???  Why does he think we're dumb??  What's wrong with us?" 

My first instinct will be to shout, "Who the heck does that Buck thing he is, calling my kids names like that?  What is he -- 7??? I'll show him who's boss...  Come on, kids.  Let's go up to that playground and kick some Buck-butt ... !!!!!"

But now then, that wouldn't be very ladylike of me, and I would hate to set that example for the little ones whose minds are like sponges, so I hear...

So instead, I will take a deep breath and set both of them on my lap and say, "There is nothing wrong with either of you.  Neither one of you is dumb.  ______ you got every question right on your math test last week.  And _______ you recounted the entire Pledge of Allegiance yesterday after school.  No one who can do either of those things could be ever considered dumb." 

"Reallyyyy????"  (sniffles mixed in)

"Really.  Do you know how much your daddy and I love you?  _____(son)__, you're the toughest warrior in the whole wide world.  You're courageous and strong and full of honor.  If fire-breathing dragons were real, you'd slay every one of them!  And _(daughter)______, you're the prettiest princess in all of the land.  You are thoughtful and wise and loving to everyone around you.  Now I know both of your feelings are hurt.  But just because someone calls you a name doesn't make it true.  People are mean sometimes.  But we just have to believe in the things we know to be true."

"Right.  Like Santa!!!!"


And that's when I'll get the Worst-Mom-Ever award and organize a tea party with all my kittens' besties to redeem myself...  And pray to God I have a REALLY manly husband, because my ideas for little-boy play dates are really lame.

Moral of the story/Here's the deal, it doesn't matter how the world has categorized you.  As women, we are malleable individuals.  Our minds are eager to learn, and our hearts are willing to love.  But far too often we allow the world to dictate how we view ourselves.  Do not fall captive to the lies that you are not good enough.  Almost daily I hear women claiming they are awkward, ugly, overweight, and inadequate.  We've all been there.  There are moments we all feel these sentiments about ourselves, but the reality is this: you are worth far more than what you believe yourself to be.  You are worth more than what others may have convinced you of.  But if you continue to believe that you are worthless and full of failure, you will live as though you are worthless and a failure.  And you will miss out on the FREEDOM that comes from trusting in the truth that you are a creation unlike any other ever created.  

But wait, there's more...

Wherever you're at in life, however you view yourself, take it from my good friend Lecrae, the Lord will take you as you are -- messy, prideful, broken, tired, fearful, doubting, tattered, dirty.  Not because of any other reason other than you're His precious, little kitten.  You're his perfect creation, his masterpiece.  If you're claiming anything over your life, claim THAT.  Claim the things you love.  Claim life.  Claim light.  Claim confidence in Christ.  Appreciate the beauty not only in the world around you but the beauty in yourself.  View life not as depressing but as a blessing!  To further exemplify this message, here's a message from little Jessica...

Can I get an AMEN?  Cutest.  More to come.  All my LOVE!

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