Sunday, February 20, 2011

For the Window Shoppers

Just a few things that have caught my eye as of the late.

From Anthropologie ...
Call me old fashioned, but rarely can I pass by a clothing item with both
floral lace and a precious, little bow without falling in like.  More than that, though,  I'm confident this blouse could work for so many occasions.  I'd wear it and love it.
teapot light fixture, which I envision hanging quite simply
over my breakfast table one day -- or perhaps even a collection of all different
designs and sizes!  The price is a bit much for me at my current stage of life, particularly as  I have no where to hang it.  But perhaps one day,  the Lord will blow me a kiss through a sweet, little sale on  
As long as we're at it with the home decor, this Winifred Settee is quite
picturesque if I do say so myself.  Picture it sitting on a multi-colored rug
resting on a beautiful dark wood floor.  The feet on the coffee table just in front
of this beauty, those are mine -- resting after a long day's work.

Because I'm sure I will need to hang up so many items from my unknown future job,  I'll have these sweet pinwheel pushpins.  And even if there doesn't end up being loads of accumulating paperwork,
an undoubtedly large accumulation of receipts, photographs, recipes and inspirational words of wisdom would make these little pushpins quite a wise investment.
Now this chair will be positioned just to the right of the settee.
Now if only a little baby who looks a little something like this is resting
upon it ... Heaven on earth?

BE MINE, you little cutie patooty.
Ya, he's not from Anthropologie.  But had to include him anyway.

From BHLDN ...
Yes, this is from Anthropologie's new bridal line -- BHLDN.
The bridal gowns themselves are a little out there for my personal taste --
not that I need to be worried about that anytime soon!
But their dresses altogether are quiet exquisite.

From Buggy Brolly via Matchbook Magazine ...
Yes, this is a heart-shaped umbrella.  Cutest, right?  I don't know about
any of you, but while rainy days tend to not rate quite as high
as days filled with summer sun, I feel like having this little number
above my head would make the rainy situation somewhat brighter!

From Barnes and Noble ...
This is truly one of the most incredible children's books I've ever read.  And you can trust me on this one because I've read quite a few.  While the rest of the items listed above would simply be nice additions to my closet and future home, this book is a necessity for every individual's library, in my opinion.  Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom outlines Tubman's inspiration for leading slaves from the south into FREEDOM by means of the Underground Railroad.  The authors did an impeccable job of highlighting Tubman as a devoted servant of the Lord -- surrendering her life to Him for His service and His people. A great reminder of how the Lord seeks to use his children in MIGHTY ways -- no matter how inadequate we may feel!  Buy it.

Stay tuned.
More to come.  All my love!

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