Friday, April 29, 2011

For the Bucket-Listers

Caitlyn's Bucket List: (noun) [kate-lynn's buhk-it list] A numbered series of items, not in any particular order, of things to accomplish before makin' it to the pearly gates or greetin' Jesus upon his arrival to earth -- whichever one happens first, I guess.  This includes but is not limited to places to go, people to see, books to read, plants to seed, cakes to bake, friends to make, etc.

Admittedly, I'm not particularly well-versed on the history of bucket lists.  I never saw the movie, nor have I done any research about where the first bucket list originated.  It would be my guess though that the concept has existed for quite some time, even if the term "bucket list" was only coined somewhat recently.

It would be my assumption -- and my hope -- that the majority of people have at least one dream or wish or desire that they hope to see come into fruition within their lifetime.  I tend to be a bit of an overzealous list-maker, but this isn't just a list of things to accomplish this week.  This is an entire lifetime we're talking about here.  So I feel like it is perfectly fine if it's a bit lengthy...

I'm thinking I will add a few things every week.  The items on my bucket list will probably be extremely varied, as I just have so many interests.  But for now, I'm going to adventurously.

1. Take a sailing trip through the Virgin Islands.

2. Bike the Pacific Coastline.

I realize that's kind of a given -- hopefully, at least.
One can never tell.  
But it is going to happen THIS WEEK!  
Ojal√°, Inshallah, God-Willing! So excited.

4. Picnic, hike, bike, etc. in the most historic spots 
and/or parks in the United States.
(Okay so I realize Central Perk would never be deemed an special featured historical exhibit by the American Historical Society, probably primarily because it doesn't actually exist in real-life.  But that doesn't change the fact that I'd love to go -- call me an idealist.)

5. Live in a treehouse for an undetermined period of time.

6. Start a garden, and every week I'll cut a few bouquets and leave them on random doorsteps.

7. Teach some precious, little babies how to speak English.
Or you know, just give them kisses and play fun
games of tag.

List to be continued.  If you have any great ideas, I'd love to be enlightened.
I want to see the world, love people, and discover beauty in everything!
Thank you, Jesus, the opportunity to search, wander, seek, knock, and find.

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  1. That is a superb bucket list. Biking on the pacific coastline sounds like the perfect thing for this afternoon. LUVZ YA - kase