Sunday, July 17, 2011

For the Ladies

introducing guest blogger: 
jenni grinnell
Oh precious friends, take a moment and prepare yourselves for the very special treat that lies ahead.  One of my life-long (since high school) besties has graciously agreed to do a little "guest bloggin'" for us.  Jenni and I met at the National Association of Student Councils Conference back in ohhh 2006 -- whoa how time flies.  We bonded immediately over our shared loves of cooking, red lipstick, Jesus, high heels, history, wisdom, great music, America, and all things awkward.  What more could a girl ask for in a friend?  Thank you, Jesus!  All that being said, I know I'm not necessarily cool enough to have a guest blogger, particularly such a COOL guest blogger for that matter.  But sometimes we're blessed with more than we deserve, eh?  Thus, without any further adieu, I present to you a work of wisdom written by Jenni, specifically for the ladies.


Awe-struck and starry eyed, I looked around at a table full of boys from the United States Naval Academy in their dress blues. They are America's most promising in intelligence and brute strength; attending a school whose acceptance rate is comparable to Harvard, but whose requirements are far more physically and emotionally demanding. Not only will they eventually serve our country, but they'll train to be Seals, Captains and Admirals - the future leadership of our military.

I had spent the whole day with a plebe (naval lingo for a freshman) that I met on an airplane a few months ago. He gave me an extensive tour of all the amazing buildings and facilities, and now we were eating dinner with a group of his friends and his sponsor at an Italian cafe. Never before had I considered myself a sucker for military boys, but when I first saw him today, my heart jumped. I felt so ridiculous. But seriously, ladies, I know you would all be doing the same! What is it about a man in uniform that is so attractive?

I don't think it's a physical attraction necessarily- although he was quite handsome - but more about the brave, protective qualities and the implied willingness to give up one's life for a greater good that the uniform symbolizes.

He was sweet and chivalrous in a way that I have never experienced from all of the other boys I dated. He opened doors and spoke with a kind, masculine authority - the type of man that every girl secretly wants, but won't admit to out loud.

Because that is we all want that
A man who will fiercely love and protect us. 
A man who will respect and honor and fight for us.

I'm saying all of this because I usually make excuses for boys who don't pursue me or treat me with the respect I deserve, and I'm probably not the only one. People blame it on a progressive society and call these types of expectations outdated - that a girl is capable of opening her own door - but after you experience what it's like to really be treated and valued like a lady, it's hard to go back. It would be like truly experiencing the beautiful love of God, and then settling with complacency.

God used the Bible to explain to us in words how He loves us, and gave us instruction on how to love Him and love each other. He gave us written commandments on how to live our lives. He didn't just assume that we already knew how. Likewise, I believe that we sometimes need to teach people how to love us through our words, our actions, and the way that we, ourselves, love others. You may not realize it, but you ultimately teach people how to treat you.

And all of you, sweet angels, are incredible women of God, who deserve a man that VALUES you. So don't settle for anything less.


Couldn't agree more with all of the words written above.  I am truly SO lucky to have such incredible friends like Jenni, who constantly encourage me to grow and love me exactly as I am.  They are men and women of incredible faith, courage, joy, honesty, sincerity, discipline, strength, and unconditional love.  I am so undeserving of them.

Also, please, please, PLEASE check out my precious friend Kirby's most recent blog post about her mission trip to CAMBODIA.  Absolutely incredible.

More to come.  All my love!

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