Sunday, August 29, 2010

For the Women

This blog is dedicated to women everywhere -- all the Eleanors, Juliets, Kathleen Kelly(ies), Cinderella-lovers, gardeners, chefs, phone operators, sticker-designers, coupon-cutters, singers, readers, lovers, mothers, sisters, best friends, artists, karate masters, and the list only continues.

For the Eleanors, I will be sharing articles and recent occurrences (read that -- seriously) around the world that I feel are of the utmost importance -- stories that will not only inform you of little-known atrocities but victories that women of the international community are attaining on a daily basis.  Furthermore, it is my prayer that these stories will not only touch your heart but motivate you to take action against injustices whether simply by praying for the women of a particular nation daily (prayer is SUCH a powerful weapon... just read Psalm 91) or sponsoring a child through an incredible organization like Compassion International.

For those who appreciate exquisite photography, I will offer many a beautiful photo that truly capture the beauty of precious children, women from every corner of the world, and perhaps just your occasional puppy(ies).  Praise the good Lord we women understand one another.  It doesn't matter if you're five or seventy-five, I'm convinced I will continue to oooh and ahhh at every sweet image of babies of all kinds -- monkeys, kitties, human babies, if it is itty bitty, a large majority of us will love it.  I will not categorize all women as lovers of small creatures, because I'm sure many of us have personal vendettas toward a particular creature of some kind (bloody raccoons).  But we will leave ill-feelings out of this blog and choose to embrace an attitude of unconditional love for all things -- so long as they're legal, ethical and moral... just sayin'...

Be looking forward to stories of life, love, and other mysteries.  (If you were alive in the 90s and happened to listen to the then hot praise music, you understand that thanks to Point of Grace, the two words life and love can hardly leave your lips without "and other mysteries" following.)  In essence, what I'm saying here is this blog will have something for everyone.  I cannot guarantee that every post will contain just the perfect tidbits or words of wisdom you've been seeking, because each entry will be geared toward a particular faction within our sweet sisterhood -- ISWSWLO  (International Sisters of the World Seeking to Love Others).  >>Please note that organization has yet and probably will not be firmly established, but it's a beautiful idea.  And just think of the incredible things we can learn from our fellow sisters.  For more often than not, people can find many lines of commonality running through their lives. We will choose to be women who focus on unity rather than differences.

Let's be real here... What woman can say she hasn't ever had a conversation filled with far more awkwardness than necessary when it comes to a the opposite sex?  If we can't unite over that, we're as good as lost.  Praise God we can.

More to come very soon!  All my love!

"How sweet it is when brothers and sisters live together in unity!" -Psalm 133:1

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